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Tavy Turf Knowledgebase

Turf Laying – Q & A

When to Lay Turf

You can lay turf anytime of the year, but it best to avoid heavy frosts and snow. Laying during winter months takes slightly longer for the turf to root, but will not need constant watering. If you lay your turf during spring/ summer season it will require constant watering until it roots (this can be as short as 3-5 days in the right conditions). 

Preparing Ground

The most important stage in the process of laying turf is the ground preparation. If not done correctly this will directly affect the appearance of your newly laid lawn.

We would always recommend;

  • Remove all large objects such as large stones, weeds, old shrubs and roots that are visible.
  • If the soil is already level you just need a light rake over.
  • If the soil is compacted and uneven, it will need to be rotavated, rake the soil level, treading in the soil in as you rake. It is best to rake all of the high areas first, and use the excess soil to put on any dips or low spots. Your aim should be for a firm even area.
Laying Guide
  • Ensure the ground is properly prepared (see above).
  • Lay the turf in a straight line and stagger each length (similar to laying bricks).
  • It is essential to not walk on freshly laid turf, we would recommend using a long plank.
  • Avoid walking on a newly laid turf for the next few weeks.
  • Watering turf is essential within 1 hour of laying. Further watering will depend upon the weather, however the turf needs to be kept moist until rooted but not saturated.
How long is each roll of turf?

Each roll of Tavy Turf is approx 240-250cm long x 42cm wide

Lawn Aftercare Q & A

How often do i water freshly laid Turf?

It depends on the weather, but it is best to keep the turf well moist (but not soaked) till it is rooted. This may need doing every day during dry weather. Within the first two weeks watering may be required several time per day to stop shrinkage. This is essential in hot weather. Watering early morning or early evening is best, however watering may need to be repeated when sun is at its hottest, so that the sun doesn’t burn off the water you’ve applied. Do not over water as this can encourage the development of moss and disease.

How long should it be before i can walk on the new turf?
It is best to not walk on the laid turf until the first cut.
How long should I wait before cutting the new lawn?

You should wait until the laid turf is rooted, i.e. when you can’t pull if off the ground. It should be approx 2 weeks.